2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 5 Roundup




Day 31:  I had a 24 hour shift at the hospital today and did not get to really take many pictures.  After getting some work down, I winded down by watching Shark Tank and worked on a purse I’ve been knitting. 20140206-195838.jpg

Day 32:  Home with the little guy.  He really has started loving his iPad in short burst. There are so many great educational apps!



Day 33:  Some backyard fun





Day 34:  This is the new way to play with the train table…. Does your little one do this?




Day 35:   Little guy is only 2.5 years old and I’m having a hard time getting rid of things.  I really  need to come up with a system or we need a bigger house for storage.




Day 36:  ”Hello”



Day 37: Time to get comfy… I know I have posted a few pics of the little guy on the iPad. He really is only on it for 0-15 minutes per day.


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