2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 3 Roundup



Day 17:  Had to pick the little guy up from school early.  Yesterday they sent home 3 kids with a fever.  It was only time before Noah caught the bug too.  Hanging out on the couch, having “treats”, and relaxing.  So hard seeing them not feeling well.


Looked down and saw these socks I often wear in the evenings.  The little grippers are great for walking on the wood floors.  Missing living in downtown Chicago.  Miss walking everywhere and having so much right outside my door.  I used to love going to Exhale Spa!



Day 19:  Little guy loves to help me clean.  He cleaned his kitchen and made it so tidy.  Love how he put the little post it notes he colored on his fridge.



Day 20: holding his hockey stick while watching the Bulls starting line up.  He loves Joakim Noah.



Day 21:  finally picked up my needles again.  I love knitting but got burned out after making 3 of the same things.  Just need to finish this project and then I’m so looking forward to doing something new.  I sure hope these colors are contrasting enough.



Day 22:  My little guy.   Another fun day at school.   Hopefully he will always love school as much as he does now.



Day 23:  My little superhero enjoying his pretzel from Trader Joes.  His favorite store.  He just fills his little red cart up and has the cutest smile ever.  I need to find more super hero shirts. They are ALL he will wear these days.


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10 thoughts on “2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 3 Roundup”

  1. hope your little one is feeling better. My little guy has been home all week to sick. it’s going in his class I guess more have been out with it as well. love the post it notes on the fridge. Nice kitchen can he come clean mine lol

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