2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 2 Roundup


Day 11/365:  All. Day. Long. Snuggled up in the comforter or on our Laps. Living the life.



Day 12/365:  Love how he is so entertained by everyday things. From the squirrels running along the fence, to the snow plows cleaning up the school.



Day 13/365:  Sometimes it is so hard keeping up with this guys energy after a long, tiring day at work. So much energy, full of questions, and full of life.



Day 14/365:  Typical morning with the little guy on a day we both work. Up, dressed, brush teeth, and eat. Out the door in 30 minutes. Lately his breakfast -Oatmeal w/ Raw honey,  Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Coconut Oil, Raisins, and Sunflower Seeds.



Day 15/365:  Guess she is trying to tell me something. Next up on my to-do list, pet the Siamese cat.




Day 16/365:  Our routine…. Whenever I pick the little guy up from school, he wants his water and a “treat.”


You can check out more on the Catch The Moment 365 photography from the creators/hosts here –> Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming

9 thoughts on “2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 2 Roundup”

  1. My littles have the same routine with their dad! I love the picture of your kitty letting you know she wants to be pet, desperation at it’s finest. So cute!! ;0)

  2. Isn’t it amazing the things they find totally fascinating that we just take for granted? Like, Mason likes to stop and watch the school bus loading or unloading, thinks it’s just the greatest thing ever. Some days it makes me super impatient and other days it makes me wish to be 3 and to be able to have my whole day made by something so SIMPLE!

    1. Thanks Kiara! We do hear it often and I love his little curls too. I have super curly hair too. I just hope he embraces the curls when older.

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