2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 5 Roundup




Day 31:  I had a 24 hour shift at the hospital today and did not get to really take many pictures.  After getting some work down, I winded down by watching Shark Tank and worked on a purse I’ve been knitting. 20140206-195838.jpg

Day 32:  Home with the little guy.  He really has started loving his iPad in short burst. There are so many great educational apps!



Day 33:  Some backyard fun





Day 34:  This is the new way to play with the train table…. Does your little one do this?




Day 35:   Little guy is only 2.5 years old and I’m having a hard time getting rid of things.  I really  need to come up with a system or we need a bigger house for storage.




Day 36:  ”Hello”



Day 37: Time to get comfy… I know I have posted a few pics of the little guy on the iPad. He really is only on it for 0-15 minutes per day.


2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 4 Roundup



Day 24:  Nothing better than a glass of fresh juice.  I so miss my daily juicing, but I just don’t have the time or patience anymore.




Day 25:  building with the little guy. Legos, legos, legos….




Day 26: So many choices. Little guy loves grocery shopping, especially when shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joes




Day 27:   Bushing our teeth or sucking on the toothbrush?



Day 29:  Love his smile and slowly getting used to my wrinkles




Day 29:  Little guys favorite breakfast, oatmeal, and then out the door. Cutest curls ever!




Day 30:  Beautiful sunrise this morning to start off a fabulous day


2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 3 Roundup



Day 17:  Had to pick the little guy up from school early.  Yesterday they sent home 3 kids with a fever.  It was only time before Noah caught the bug too.  Hanging out on the couch, having “treats”, and relaxing.  So hard seeing them not feeling well.


Looked down and saw these socks I often wear in the evenings.  The little grippers are great for walking on the wood floors.  Missing living in downtown Chicago.  Miss walking everywhere and having so much right outside my door.  I used to love going to Exhale Spa!



Day 19:  Little guy loves to help me clean.  He cleaned his kitchen and made it so tidy.  Love how he put the little post it notes he colored on his fridge.



Day 20: holding his hockey stick while watching the Bulls starting line up.  He loves Joakim Noah.



Day 21:  finally picked up my needles again.  I love knitting but got burned out after making 3 of the same things.  Just need to finish this project and then I’m so looking forward to doing something new.  I sure hope these colors are contrasting enough.



Day 22:  My little guy.   Another fun day at school.   Hopefully he will always love school as much as he does now.



Day 23:  My little superhero enjoying his pretzel from Trader Joes.  His favorite store.  He just fills his little red cart up and has the cutest smile ever.  I need to find more super hero shirts. They are ALL he will wear these days.


You can check out more on the Catch The Moment 365 photography from the creators/hosts here –> Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming

2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 2 Roundup


Day 11/365:  All. Day. Long. Snuggled up in the comforter or on our Laps. Living the life.



Day 12/365:  Love how he is so entertained by everyday things. From the squirrels running along the fence, to the snow plows cleaning up the school.



Day 13/365:  Sometimes it is so hard keeping up with this guys energy after a long, tiring day at work. So much energy, full of questions, and full of life.



Day 14/365:  Typical morning with the little guy on a day we both work. Up, dressed, brush teeth, and eat. Out the door in 30 minutes. Lately his breakfast -Oatmeal w/ Raw honey,  Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Coconut Oil, Raisins, and Sunflower Seeds.



Day 15/365:  Guess she is trying to tell me something. Next up on my to-do list, pet the Siamese cat.




Day 16/365:  Our routine…. Whenever I pick the little guy up from school, he wants his water and a “treat.”


You can check out more on the Catch The Moment 365 photography from the creators/hosts here –> Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming

2014 Catch The Moment 365 – Week 1+ Roundup

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I bought my first DSLR years ago, a Canon Rebel T3i.  I was getting oriented and learning how to use it and then a few months later, it was gone.  I have yet to buy another, but look at them every month.  I definitely plan on purchasing another, I just can’t decide if I want the same one or another.  I am horrible with big purchases and buyers remorse.

One day, I came across some posts in my Facebook newsfeed about capturing moments every day, for the entire year, and documenting them.  At first I was going to hold off until I got another DSLR, but decided to jump in with my handy/dandy iPhone.



Day 1/365 : He has never really watched TV or played w/ the iPad for more than a couple minutes at a time. Put some paid Apps on the iPad and he loves it!



Day 2/365: Another adorable Noah pic before bed. Sitting on the couch in a pile of pillows and blankets. Reading Where The Wild Things Are.



Day 3/365: Today my little helper and I put away the Christmas tree and decorations. Noah did not break one ornament this Season, yet mommy broke two today while pulling then off the tree. Already miss the warmth and homeliness of the tree.


Day 4/365: Missing the warmer Southern Winters. Deathsicles


Day 5/365: Heading to work this Sunday morning. So much snow and freezing outside but she found a warm place next to the heat vent


Day 6/365: Enjoying a drink while I make some sauce and chicken Parmesan for dinner. Might need another drink after this day. Record cold day today, and my car decides to break down on the way home from work. Barely made it to the dealership. Car was chug, chug, chugging, and rattling, and shaking, but made it there. Almost broke out in tears imaging being broken down on the side of the road with temps of -15. So happy the little guy wasn’t in the car with me.


Day 7/365: This guy. I am constantly amused and surprised at the things he says & does. Long day at work today and now spending time w/ my munchkin. Lots of playing.. Dinner of course. Now bath time. When did he get so big?


Day 8/365: The profile. The birthmark or what I grew up calling “beauty marks”. Those eyelashes. So cute.


Day 9/365: A boy and his trains..


Day 10/365: Little guy asked for a shake in a pink cup and with a pink straw. Fresh Almond Milk, Hemp seeds, Chia Seeds,  Almond butter, Cocoa powder, Coconut Oil, Protein powder, and Oats



You can check out more on the Catch The Moment 365 photography from the creators/hosts here –> Sarah @ Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindi @Simply Stavish, and Stephanie @ Behind the Camera & Dreaming

Another New Start……

So frustrating. I have been working on trying to recover my old blogs for weeks.  I can only seem to get a few posts to transfer over.   I’ve lost years worth of posts :/

Wiping the tears, and moving on.

So many changes since I last blogged.  My last posts were primarily related to Nutrition, Yoga, and Reiki. With a few posts and updates on my crazy life in the city.

What is going on now?  Well…… I am now a mom to an amazing toddler. I left Chicago for Florida and then came back to Chicago. Go figure. The warm weather girl wanted to come back to the Midwest!

It is 2014! A new Year. Another year. More memories to capture! Cheers!

Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

Yesterday must have been Chocolate Avocado pudding day. I think I saw at least 5 different posts and recipes on this delicious yummy treat. As night approached I was looking for a snack… What did I see, but 4 Avocado’s begging to be eaten. They were definitely on their “Last Leg.”

I decided to make a Banana Chocolate Ice Cream with the special ingredient, Avocado. I wish I took a picture but it was gobbled up within minutes. A little drip on my tshirt was all that was left when the idea of a picture popped into my head. Next time, I promise.


- 2 Frozen Bananas

- 1 Avocado

- drizzle of Almond Milk (You can make your own or pre-packaged)

- 1 heaping tsp of Raw Cacao

- 1 date or 1 tsp of Agave or Yacon Syrup (To be honest, the bananas give it all the sweetness it needs


Blend and Enjoy.

How to Live to be 100+

Have you perused the Ted.com website? There is TONS of amazing & just plain out fascinating info!

Today, I viewed the talk from Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+. It discusses the “Blue Zones.” Blue Zones are regions of the world where it is common for people to live active lives 100 yrs +. The people in these areas tend to have common health traits and practices. Some known “Blue Zones” are:

- Okinawa, Japan

- Sardinia, Italy

- Loma Linda, California

- Icaria, Greece

- Nicoya Pennisula, Costa Rica



Love this…. A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.

Happy Birthday

To me!

My fabulous day started off with an energizing juice –Kale, Dandelion, Parsley, Cucumber, Zucchini, Apple, Lemon + some Amazing Grass Green Powder. I even have my hubby hooked on the green juices. I had intended to add some ginger, but somehow left it out.

I decided to have a “me” day. To relax, cook (un-cook), and do some yoga prior to going out to dinner in the evening. My first attempt at Juice Pulp Crackers did not come out. In fact, they were disgusting. I think I may have made them TOOOO thick. Lesson learned. I saved my afternoon pulp for another attempt tomorrow.

The first recipe that came out DELICIOUS was the Raw Cinnamon Rolls from GoneRaw.com. They actually tasted like cinnamon rolls. I put a dollop of coconut oil on them. YUM. I highly recommend.

Dinner plans for tonight changed from Karyn’s Raw to Coco Pazo

I know, huge difference. But, Coco Pazo is right down the street and to be honest I was craving some pasta. My dish was tasty, but I am already regretting the choice. My stomach is rumbling. I can foresee a terrible night of sleep ahead of me. Hopefully my green juice in the am with help rectify and lesson learned!


P.S. I’m in the process of searching for my camera. The iphone photos were not to my liking.

Continuing On

I had intended to do a 7 day raw food detox and somehow continued it on a few days. I feel light, happy, clear, and without any GI distress. What does this mean? I will definitely try to incorporate a raw diet into my currently lifestyle.

I will allow my body to tell me what it needs. If it needs a warm cooked meal during this freezing Chicago winter, then that is what it shall receive.